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Sizing Guide

These measurements are general guidelines, but please don’t hesitate to contact us at We suggest that if you are between sizes to go with the size that best matches your Girth/Torso length. 

Please note that our size chart reflects our initial small scale launch of our product. It is our goal to expand our sizing to include children's and additional adult sizes. 

Size Chart — Adult

*Numerical Sizes are only meant as general guidelines, because they can vary a lot from company to company.

How to Pick Your Leo!

Measuring : We suggest having someone help you take your measurements like your parent or friend. Make sure to measure all the way around your body until the tape measure touches itself. 

In-between sizes? : If you’re in-between two sizes, we suggest picking the size that best matches your girth/torso measurement. If you have a longer torso we suggest you go up a size, but if you'd like a tighter fit to go down a size. Please also check out our instagram highlight of our models and their sizes to help guide you as well. 

Our fit : Our Dev and Madison wrap run true to size, however our Gail does run small, so we suggest going up one size. Please note that we do offer FREE exchanges and return shipping, so if you are not 100% satisfied with your leotard email us at and we will help you!