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Our Commitment to Sustainability & Ethics

We acknowledge that we still have a long way to go to reach our sustainability goals. However, we have taken great care to identify ways we can be more sustainable and conscious about our environmental footprint, even being a small business. Below are just a few ways we are minimizing our waste & helping the planet:

  • We use compostable mailers instead of poly bags, bubble wrap, or printed boxes, as these packaging methods either end up in our oceans or can’t be recycled.
  • Our stickers come from a company called No Issue, which creates sustainable custom packaging. 
  • Making any type of garment creates a lot of material waste, that’s why we did our research when it came to fabric suppliers. We wanted to ensure that they place the same emphasis on sustainability and ethics as we do. In addition to working with these suppliers, we also repurpose our scrap material from sampling and production to create scrunchies. 


We pride ourselves on our strong morals and only wanted to partner with factories that paid their workers fair wages and had great working conditions. We decided the best way to do this was to manufacture and source our product in the USA. 

Our Pricing 

Sharing the Barre’s goal is to design dancewear that empowers our dancers; we also pride ourselves on the quality of our product and its ability to withstand the wear and tear of dancing. While we have tried very hard to keep our prices down, manufacturing and sourcing our materials in the United States requires adherence to stricter labor laws and environmental standards. The price of the garment is a reflection of a small run production expenses to reduce waste, with prices reflecting a higher cost to Sharing the Barre. You are not receiving a cheap product at a high price, you are receiving a high quality product at a price that still allows Sharing the Barre to cover our business expenses.