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Sharing Dancers' Stories

Sharing Dancers' Stories highlights different dancers’ experiences and breaks down our perceptions of what it means to be an "ideal dancer." It is our hope that after watching each episode you’ll leave feeling inspired and empowered to step into the world with more confidence, loving your body, and embracing your dance abilities. 

Creating a Stairway for Ballet 

In our third episode of Sharing Dancers’ Stories, we had the absolute pleasure of talking to SoEun Park and learning about her story of starting Stairway for Ballet SoEun is not only an inspiring, beautiful, and talented dancer, but she is using her gift to eliminate racism and break down stereotypes in ballet one step at a time through her free online ballet classes, podcast episodes, petitions and more! We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes. Follow her on Instagram @sonyasoeun / @stairwayforballet 

Dancer: SoEun (Sonya) Park 

Editor: Ali Phaneuf

Being Dancer for Dancer 

Join us for our second episode of Sharing Dancers' Stories! In our newest episode, Samantha Parr, founder of Dancer for Dancer, talks to us about her organization and how you can be a dancer for dancer! Samantha is only in high school, but we know her passion for this artform and compassion for others will help change the industry. Follow Dancer for Dancer on Instagram @dancerfordancer.

Dancer: Samantha Parr

Editor: Ali Phanuef 

A Senior Dancing Through COVID-19 

Sharing the Barre is excited to premiere our first episode of our YouTube series, Sharing Dancers' Stories! We had the pleasure of interviewing Emily Atkinson about her experience as a graduating senior during COVID-19. Emily will be attending Pace University for commercial dance and we couldn't be more proud!

Dancer: Emily Atkinson 

Videography: Liv Pilcher