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About Our Brand

Sharing the Barre finally breaks the trend of designing for an “ideal dancer", and instead creates dancewear that fits dancers through our innovative versatile designs. No longer will you have to settle for ill-fitting dancewear that doesn’t make you shine! Sharing the Barre will empower you to feel confident about yourself and abilities, and as a result you will glow during class, at a convention, or auditioning for a leading role.

Our Vision

Sharing the Barre hopes to inspire the next generation of dancers to feel confident in their own skin and find their own unique voice through dance.


Meet Our Founder


Founder, Abigail Sakati, struggled to find dancewear that fit a 4 '11 " dancer. She would sew or pin her straps back, or just deal with an uncomfortable leotard. On top of this, she struggled feeling confident in her dance abilities, as she didn't look like the "ideal" dancer (tall, 180-degree turnout, hyper-flexibility, etc.). It wasn't until after she was hired by a professional entertainment company that she felt confident in who she was as a dancer. Abigail's mission is to ensure no other dancer feels as though they are not good enough.

At Sharing the Barre, we believe that dance is an art form that can be used to communicate our unique stories. This expression comes in many forms and should be celebrated. That is why we wanted our dancewear to celebrate all types of dancers no matter their ability, backgrounds, or goals. Sharing the Barre empowers you to love your body and your abilities!

We cannot wait for you to be part of our story and loving community!