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The NYC Dance Scene

Lincoln Center

New York City is essentially the dance capital of the U.S. for the Northeast. The dance scene in the city spans multiple genres from Ballet to Modern and HipHop to even world dance groups from Bollywood and the Middle East and is home to prestigious dance institutions, schools, and companies.


Most notoriously, NYC is the home of Broadway. There are many shows now reopen after being closed by the pandemic. In addition to seeing a show, dancers can take class and train from Broadway’s best dancers and choreographers at Broadway Dance Center and Steps on Broadway.

Radio City Music Hall

Que the lights and the high kicks! Radio City is home to the Rockettes who are most known for their in-sync high kicks and Christmas Spectacular Show. Did you know they started in 1920, but didn’t move into the Music Hall until 10 years later? During their early years, they would also perform before movies were shown at Radio City. In addition to their performances, one can also dance with the Rockettes during their summer programs.

Alvin Ailey

Going uptown from Broadway, you can find the breath-taking studio space of Alvin Ailey. Alvin Ailey is a prestigious modern company founded by Alvin Ailey that has changed the perception of American dance. The Ailey School also offers modern, ballet, and African dance classes for students to drop into and many of their classes are also virtual – making dancing with them even more accessible.   

Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center is home to many arts programs and companies; however dancers know them the most for showcasing the New York City Ballet and having the Julliard School right around the corner. Dancers wanting to train and/or take class can either drop-in for ballet classes or audition for these companies.

Other Studios/Dance Groups

Finding a place to dance in NYC couldn’t be easier – it’s deciding where to go that’s tough! If you wanted to rent space or take a class with your favorite dancer, you can head down to one of the many Ripley Grier Studio spaces across Manhattan. While you’re there you may even see a show rehearsing or witness an audition!


This is just a small snippet of the dance scene in NYC and there are still so many studios, companies, and dance groups in NYC. To find your right fit or a place to groove, ask your dance teacher if they have suggestions or conduct a quick google search.

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