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Get Organized for Competition Season With Sharing the Barre's Comp Checklist!

Dance Competition Checklist

After last year's competition season was cut short, it's finally time to dust off the Rack-n-Roll, pick up your costumes, and hit the stage again! Competition will look a bit different this year, with new COVID-19 safety protocols in place, limited or no audience members in the auditorium, and the inability to choreograph fun little dances with your friends while you wait to go on.

With this new normal, it's almost more important to be organized and make sure you have everything, as you might not be able to ask your friends to lend you an extra pair of black socks for your tap number or borrow someone's eyelash glue, since yours has decided to dry out. To ensure you are all ready and prepared, Sharing the Barre has put together a complete checklist of everything you would need! Just print out the checklist, cross off each item you have, and write in your dances, costumes, and time you perform. Now you can rest easy knowing you have everything.

Expert Tip: Print out two checklists. One to make sure you have everything the day before, and the other one to make sure you haven't forgotten anything leaving the competition. 

Download and print out your free competition checklist here. 


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